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From Now on If you would like to book your next litter, and you have Never used our services before, I will send you a answer and question form to make sure we are the right fit for one another. Some of the questions will be straight forward, and it is best to be honest and up front. I am here to help you, Not only save your puppies but hope to help you make money however I am by no means a miracle worker and I can not guarantee I can save every puppy or every litter.

Some of the questions you will be asked are-

* Why are you choosing a puppy nanny and what are your expectations?

* If this is a Bulldog Litter, Do you understand that they are the Hardest to raise breed and not ALL puppies can be saved even with extreme knowledge & that I do not have a crystal ball and can not guarantee that puppies will make it.

* How long have you been breeding?

*Do you expect me to give updates every few hours all hours of the day and night?

* Do you understand that your bill must be paid on time in a weekly matter?

We can go over more together and if questions like this does not hurt offend you,

More than likely I am the puppy whelper for you.

My Time is extremely valuable but I will answer any questions I can, Please be patient

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